The source code section contains source code for many of my programs and games. All downloads are small, so have fun. =:- )

My Source Code

The following are simple programs / games that I have written that come with the source code so you can see how they work. If you wish to use any of the code I have created please e-mail me and include me and my e-mail in the credits of your program, I would be most grateful.

If you improve or change the code in any way, you must send me a copy with your changes. You then may feel free to add yourself to the credits in the about box and in the source code.

All programs are compressed using WinZip. If you don't have it (Who doesn't?) then click here to go to the WinZip website.

If you want to run these on a machine without VB6 then download this, which will install the runtime files for VB6.


TestTubes is a game that I've invented which can be played by 1 or 2 players. To play you choose a test-tube on your go, which has two of your pieces added to it and the tubes on either side get 1 piece added to them. If any test-tubes are filled up on your go, you claim them for yourself and the person that owns the most tubes at the end wins! 34.8 Kb

 NoNonsense MP3 Player

    This is an MP3 player with a difference, it's super compact and simple to use. It just plays music straight away and remembers where it was and what it was playing when you last closed it. You can choose to have it automatically run on boot up, as well!

If anybody out there has got some misc. MP3 code (i.e Get tag info, convert etc...) please send it to me so I can expand my program. 60.6 Kb

 Fat Joe's all you can eat restaurant

    This is a funny program indeed, and a great game too. Simply move the mouth up and down and eat the fast food, avoid the health food otherwise it's game over!

FatJoe' 39.4 Kb

 3D Stars ScreenSaver

    This screen saver uses 3D equations to make a super-realistic screen saver, it's a lot better than any other stars screen saver around. You can adjust the speed and amount of stars to suit your machine.

Please Note: Once downloaded copy the 'Stars!.scr' file to the windows directory and then select the screen saver from the display properties.

Click below for a screen-shot 14.7 Kb


    An ultimate time wasting program, you will whittle away hours watching the little pixels pour down the screen. For best results, switch down to 640*480 so the pixels look bigger.

Use the Left mouse button to draw lines and the Right mouse button to delete lines, Hold shift to lock the X-axis and Cntrl to lock the Y-Axis. (For straight lines) 13.2 Kb

 3D Quiz Game (VBAssignment2)

    The only reason this incredible program was written was for a college assignment, unbelievably I managed to create a 3D game using a crude and slow 3D engine I guess worked together. (About 80 polygons are being produced.)

    To start you choose a square using the arrow keys and return. You are then given a question about computer games which you must answer to progress up the 3D steps, the questions get more difficult near the top and if you get any wrong it's game over.

ADVANCE WARNING: This is a HIGH SPEC game, you will need at least 400MHz + 128Mb RAM or 600MHz + 64Mb RAM to run it. DO NOT RUN THE PROGRAM IF YOUR MACHINE DOES NOT APPLY. 48.6 Kb

 Calculator Game (VBAssignment)

    Another College assignment this one, a bit more bland though. Simply answer the mathematic sums that appear in the time limit. You can set whether you want +, -, * or / sums and the length of the time limit. It's more addictive than you think!

WARNING: The game won't run until you copy the 'Led.ocx' and 'Loadbar.ocx' files to the 'WINDOWS/SYSTEM' directory, Ok? 134 Kb

 Fall Guy

    Another strange concept game, where you rotate a line in the maze left or right to open up holes to drop your player down and hopefully reach the bottom without hitting a mine. 131 Kb

 Alpha Blend

    A simple application that 'blends' two pictures together. It also anti-aliases pictures as well so it's quite a handy program. 22.9 Kb

 Pocket Calc Prank

    This looks like a simple calculator application, try it and see what happens. 6.54 Kb

 Monitor Cam

This program takes a simple picture using only your monitor. 49.7 Kb

 Notepad Prank

Simply rename the 'Notepad.exe' file in the windows directory and copy my 'Notepad.exe' in to replace it. Try out all the menus, they're very funny. 11.8 Kb