This page contains all the fully functioning applications and games that I've written. The source code is not provided due to copyright and the shear voluminous amounts of code in them. >.<

    All the programs come in a self-extracting setup program so that they can be installed and run on any machine. Unfortunately this means the downloads are rather large, but that's what you get for top quality software. ^_^

Click HERE to go to the source page where there are loads more games and apps available.


A useful program to lock your system up until you enter the password to unlock it. Good for stopping people messin' with your machine while your away. Many of these programs exist, but mine has a super-cool 3D waving flag background! Download it, just so you can see it!

SysLock.exe 1.42 Mb


My most ambitious full application, an organiser with a massive list of features, like:


Splash is a quite complex game to understand, but it has a great computer player to play against or can be played against another human.

In splash, each square in the 7*7 grid has a height of 7. (The height of a particular square is shown by its colour, white being the highest)
Each player takes it in turns to choose a square, which then gets lowered by 3. The surrounding squares are lowered by 2 and the squares around them are lowered by 1. When a square reaches a value of 0, it is claimed by that player. The first to 25 squares wins!

Splash!!.exe 1.92 Mb


This game is also known as Reversi, but plays the same. All you have to do is place one of your pieces so that any number of opponent pieces lie between two of your own pieces, and then the opponents pieces become yours, get it? Anyway my version features sound effects, music and an the ability to choose different skins for the board, pieces and background.


Ultimate Internet Account (UIA) is perfect for those of us (like me) who still access the internet on a pay per view format. UIA keeps track of expenses paid on telephone calls and totals it up for the month. Also you can set a budget and UIA will tell you how much you've got left and how many minutes that equates to.


The following projects are under development, most are in their early stages and any help would be appreciated.

 TNT Death-Match Arena

    TNT Death-Match Arena will be a bomber-man clone, but with highly advanced graphics. I have already programmed the title screen with some stunning effects, There's a screen shot below to gorp at.

    And yes that is a Real-Time 3D rendered cube spinning around there! Also the background consists of matrix style scrolling text that pulses, the option buttons light up as your mouse hovers over them and the pictures at the edge of the buttons animate along with the cube.

All very impressive indeed. But I would like some help in designing the actual game graphics, I need some 256 colour 32x32 icons depicting the characters, explosions and scenery. Also any special effects code would be appreciated.

Someone knowledgeable in the WinSock or SocketWrench control is gonna be needed for the network / internet option. At the moment I plan to use the MSComm control and do direct connection play (i.e phone call another PC.)

View my notes on the game.

Download my current graphics set.

 RPG (Working title)

    This will be the most epic of all my games, a massive RPG in the style of Zelda, click below to read my notes, you'll soon see that this takes RPG's to a new level.

View my notes on RPG

Please, Please send me any ideas you have for weapons, objects, game play ideas, game situations or anything really. But do remember that this is in the style of Zelda so the battles are real-time and not like Final Fantasy.


    Code Library is an add-in program that opens when visual basic opens and sits in the system tray. What code library does is store hundreds of code snippets that you can freely copy and paste into your code so that your favourite routines are always nearby.

 (Either that or go pro and write a '.dll', which isn't half as expandable.)

The screen shot below is work in progress, so the menu and toolbar structures haven't been finished.