Download my full applications.

Download source code for my games/apps

Make sure you create folders for the icons before you extract because they do not create their own folder.

 File  Description  Size
Explorer A super useful toolbar set of icons that cover explorer style items. (24x24x256) 33.8 Kb
Win98 A collection of the main Windows98 icons, drives, folders etc. (32x32x256) 97.6 Kb
Animals ICL files of various animals. Open in VC++, or in the change icon dialog box for shortcuts. 66.9 Kb
Cartoons Garfield, Disney etc... High quality too. 65.8 Kb
Computer 11 ICL files each with a 100 ico's in !!! 594 Kb
Computers Another 11 ICL files... 390 Kb
Games 7 ICL files with some great console icons. 49.9 Kb
Sci-Fi 6 ICL files containing star-trek, star-wars, MIB & X-files logos. 105 Kb
Sesame Sesame Street logos, no more need be said. 17.4 Kb
Toons Various cartoon characters! 56.9 Kb
w2other Windows2000 logos. Mainly networking stuff. 51.9 Kb

These example programs should help you learn some new tricks

 File  Description  Size
Joystick A Microsoft example of how to use the joystick in Visual Basic, mucho useful. 5.66 Kb
Brick Andrew Grays Brick program, click here to visit his page 32 Kb
msimg32 This'll show you alpha-blending and gourad polygons! (Taken from 11 Kb
OpenCD Click to see some code to open/close the CD tray from VB!!, super cool indeed. 481bytes
sitex3dVB Simon price, shows how 3D should be done! 142 Kb
botz An incredible gravity simulator program which WILL keep you entertained for hours. 136 Kb
3D Mark Click to view my scores on 3D 2000 & 2001. If you can beat me, please mail me your scores. 1.83 Kb
DevScript The Development Script for a 3D space combat game I'm helping to make. 26.1 Kb