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(This web site is named after my Commodore64, which is where I got most of my game ideas from. Long live the Commodore64!!)

    This is my web page about the all the Visual Basic 6 programs I have written, You can find loads of downloads and source code here, just click on the links at the edges of the screen.




We're back! I heard GeoCities was closing down or something? I think I'm a bit late to the party.




SysLock program is uploaded into the programs section.


I've bought a new motherboard, my machine's now a PIII 1GHz, 256MB, 10GB & 40GB HDD. Yowza!!!


A bug in 'NoNonsense MP3' has been fixed, it's recommended that you download the new version at the SourceCode page.


'TestTubes' gets uploaded to the SourceCode section.


'Splash!!' gets uploaded. Go download it at the programs page. Also 'NoNonsense MP3' gets uploaded to the SourceCode section.


The Site gets Published!, Hurrah and all that stuff.

Old News



This Web-Site was written in Front Page 2002 (XP), and damned good it is as well.

PS: <*##>< Fish!